To sue, or not to sue, that is the question!

I'm going to try to make this short and simple. My mother wants to sue my father for the years of child support he owes. She calculated it to be somewhere around eighty thousand dollars, and she wants consent form my sisters and I to do so. On the one hand, my mother deserves this money but on the other if we go through with it I loose any possible chance to ever have a relationship with my father. Both of these arguments deserve a bit more attention.
Some people think my mother is just being selfish for deciding to sue after all these years, but they don't understand what she had to sacrifice to make sure we were fed, clothed, and housed. She was never able to take a vacation, have nice things, or start a retirement fund, which I believe is what she will do with the majority of the money should she sue. And it's my personal opinion that she has every right to sue and has every right to keep the money, after all, it wasn't my sisters and I who sacrificed.
The only reason I am afraid to give her the OK is because as of late I have been considering making contact with my father, maybe send him some sort of hear felt email about how screwed up I am because he is not around. If there is anything I want most out of my life right now it would be a very close call between having a relationship with my father, and having the man of my dreams to wake up to. Since I won't be waking up next to the love of my life any time soon I will just have to settle on good old Dad, but how can I guarantee that if I try to start a relationship with him that he will reciprocate? And if he does how can I be sure it will be a relationship worth having? And who am I tell tell my mother she can't sue him and get what she deserves because I want to give the bastard a second chance? Maybe I'll wear my heart on my sleeve and at the very least tell him how I have felt since he walked away and never looked back. That way even if I don't get a chance to start a relationship I at least spoke up about how fucked up he has been. I think that would make me feel somewhat better.


I hate saying goodbye to old friends, it always breaks my heart...

I saw the lovely miss Rosie Posie tonight, I haven't seen her since March, since the saddest day of my life (no fault of hers). We went to SingSing which is always a good time, but saying goodbye to someone I grew up with, experienced puberty with, lived with, and basically spent all day every day with, is never easy. I also thought I saw him at the bar, the man looked like an identical twin but with rougher features. Not only did I have to do a double take to make sure it wasn't him but I had to stare long and hard. it may be that my eyes are playing tricks on me because I also thought I saw Photo Mike earlier but it was some old guy. I think I am just missing the past, missing being young and reckless, missing being so free and open, and people like Rosie Posie remind me of those times. I can feel the break in my heart cracking a little bit more right now as I wander down that memory lane and remember everything that was so great to me, all of which is so distant and lost to me now. I think I really just need a big hug and someone to tell me in the end all those great things of my past will come together again. After all, I never was any good at goodbyes...


Thanksgiving Zombies!

Thanksgiving this year was the same as always, except this year there was no drunken grandmother sitting down to watch football after dinner but falling sleep from all the martinis instead. Guess she had a better party with better booze to show up to.

We ate the required amount of turkey and stuffing, and more than our fair share of green bean casserole. And we all had a lovely time drinking martinis, spiced eggnog, rum and coke, and picking on my baby-sisters fiance who was the first and only one to get wasted. Trust me, there is nothing more amusing that a 4 foot tall drunk Asian. You should get yourself one and check it out if you haven't already.

at one point in the evening my brother in law and I went to pick up a few flicks from Blockbuster, which took over an hour because this seasons rental selection is sub-par if you ask us. But we did manage to find a zombie movie I had not yet seen, with a concept I had not yet seen and really didn't think would work. It was a B-list movie with a smaller budget that pulled it off with some creative shots, and acting that was admittedly better than I though it would be. It was called Flight of the Zombie, and trust me, if you love Zombies just check this one out. It's one of those movies you can't take to seriously while watching, just be ready to laugh every time a zombie jumps back to life, and even when someone goes down with them. And if you happen to find a copy for sale let me know, this is one I must add to my collection.


Weenit's quote of the day...

It's been um...... Well forever since I last posted a quote of the day, so enjoy!

Girl assembles a rather large vibrator she just bought, holds it up and says, "Woah, I think my eyes were way bigger than my Vag."


Personal trainers and flu vaccinations...

I took the kid to get his annual flu vaccination today, and let me tell you, there is nothing that will lower my confidence more than watching this. It makes me feel like such a baby when he gets his shot, he sits there extra calm, watches the nurse stab him in the arm while I am so sick to my stomach just knowing it's happening. He didn't try to cry, run away, or convince anyone he didn't need a flu shot. He just sat there, and when it was all over he informed us it hurt with a smirk on his face and went on his way. Next it's my turn, oh god.... Can I procrastinate on this till next year? Or maybe the year after? Or the year after that?

On a quite possibly more positive note, I meet with Brandon from the Anti-gym to hire him as my personal trainer. I'm super excited about this, in part because I have never had a personal trainer, but also because the Anti-gym uses non-traditional methods to change habits as well as bodies, and if you know me you know I am not very traditional. They do things like throw cupcakes at you when you're slacking at the gym, handcuff you to the bicycle if you try to stop your cardio before time is up, keep a public list on who is or isn't following their diet plan, and they even keep track of your attendance to see if you are slacking...

I hope I can make it through the first week...



Blah, I just spent the last of my little time writing a long winded blog and then poof! Blogger gave me some error massage, makes me want to pull my hair out. Anyways, I've been back from Cancun forever, and I will post a blog about it tomorrow. So, what I am trying to say is, my blog was about how I intend to post another blog tomorrow.

So little time...

I'm back from Cancun, and have for a while, I just can't seem to find the time to put a post up with all the insanity and mayhem in my life (I know, bloggers excuses). But tomorrow I plan to get around to doing all the things I need to do like downloading photos, and making a nice little collage for you all, that is if I am not too busy thwarting off Bob. BTW, great story about that stalker Bob with his fake girlfriend, if I'm not too tired after all the vacation gossip I promise to share tomorrow.