Annibell, so smart...

OK, maybe I lie. I wonder where I went wrong?


Dear drunk insurance lady...

I'm sure you have all seen one of those moments where two girls are fighting because one girl hit on the other girls boyfriend. Kind of like this... (P.S. This video is so not appropriate for work)

Yep, that was almost me, almost. If only I had an ounce of fight in me. Sadly, I'm full of hugs and marshmallows and rum, none of which are good for putting sleazy insurance ladies in their place. Also, I probably would have lost and, dammit, I'm too pretty for jail!

Anyways, my point is this, I've never understood the whole "two girls fighting over a boy" thing before. I've seen it happen, I've been mistaken for a sleazy insurance lady before, and I always thought it was a jealousy thing. I don't believe in jealousy. I think it's more a symptom of an underlying emotion rather than it's own emotion. For example, if a girl sees another girl hit on her boyfriend she might feel jealous because she is insecure in her relationship and with herself and worries her boyfriend might just go for the bait.

Except there I was at some smokey giddy up bar in Coalville with my super handsome boyfriend when he ran into the girl who handles his family's insurance account. And do you know what she did? After my boyfriend introduced us? While I was standing right there? She hit on him! as in flirting and body language and standing too close and, seriously, wtf? Who does that? Anyways, I won't lie, it pissed me off. And not because I was jealous but because it was completely disrespectful.

So now I get the whole, "Bitch, stay away from my man" thing. I suddenly feel humbled. I'm bringing the dog's spray bottle with us to the bar next time just in case we run into that girl again. Someone needs to teach her a lesson.