Happy Thanksgiving to all the turkey lovers and haters of America.

I had a most interesting discussion with a coworker of mine last night about the spirit of Thanksgiving. My coworker (a foreign American hater who thinks he is trapped in the middle of hell) pointed out that us Americans committed mass genocide against the Indians who are the very reason for this American holiday. If it were not for the Indians our white asses would have starved to death that winter. Maybe we should have repayed them with a little kindness instead of being so damn vindictive. Anyways, today has got me thinking about a few of the things that I am thankful for, don't worry, it's not a long list.

1) First of all, I am thankful for green bean casserole. That stuff is just awesome.

2) I am thankful that my boss let me close the store early last night, more time for beer!

3) I am thankful for text messaging, it's a great way to get your point across with out having a real conversation.

4) Strippers! Need I say more.

5) Paris Hilton! She is even better than strippers, more tabloid headlines.

6) I am super thankful that God gave us hippies, it's so easy to poke fun at them.

7) I am thankful for Sing Sing's! There is no bar better to get wasted, sing along to the piano off key, and get visually raped by bald, short pianists.

8) I am thankful my son loves trains. Those damn things keep him occupied for hours!

9) The color pink, what can I say? It's awesome.

10) I am super thankful for this holiday! It's one of the very few times a year my mother makes her famous dinner rolls. It truly is a blessed day.


Want to know what's awkward?

When your ex-boyfriend's little brother catches you dancing on stage at a strip club. My sister knows all about that.


Don't try to mix the old with the new.

I bought myself a new dvd player yesterday and I was feeling quite excited. I was very optimistic about spending my Saturday night alone on my couch eatting popcorn and watching some sappy love movie, however, that was not to be. My tv is too old, or too cheap, either way it has no way for me to connect my new dvd player.

Now I have to go buy a new TV.

Weenit's quote of the day...

Silly drunk boy speaking about my recently groomed kitty cat, "Merideth has twenty pounds of pussy galore in the back seat of her car."

And I chimed in, "Twenty pounds of SHAVED pussy galore."


Weenit's quote of the day...

Some of us here at Black Jack's get a little carried away with the intimacy of our relationship to our work. The following actually came out of my mouth and shortly after I realized I might need some sort of mental health care.

"Don't you fret, I know how to properly molest a dough ball!"


To my birthday boy...

It was four years ago that I birthed you from between my ripping loins, and if I had known what a pain you were going to be I can't say I would do it again. Wait, scratch that. if I had known what a pain your father was going to be I can't say that I would do it again. But really, I love you with all my heart, your smile (much like the one shown below) is what forces me to go on when I really feel as though I can no longer hold on. But seriously kid, the last four years have been a bit bumpy so lets work on that? I think your first goal in life should be to gather some grace. You are clumsier than I am, so don't ever run with scissors or any other object that can impale you. And I would also recommend you take an acting class or two because I don't think even you are convinced you are mad when you throw a tantrum. Try putting some passion into it, maybe you could throw yourself on the floor and slam your head against the wall. At least then I would be forced to stop you before you injure yourself. But once again my love, happy birthday.

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It's time the world meets Gavin...

Can you see why I am in love?

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A rare sight to see!

I have finally got around to posting a few new pictures of some recent events. This particular photograph was one of those, "take a picture it will last longer!" moments. Here you see from left to right my sister Mindy (She is the stripper), myself, my father, my sister Raquel, and my son. Why is this so rare you ask? Let us just put it this way, the last time I saw my father I was fifteen years old. I shouldn't have to say we are not too fond of him.

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