Let me pick the pieces of me up off the floor before you crush me again...

weenit's quote of the day...

"Well I met a girl, and we hit it off big time."

I'll drink to that, and then I'll have another...

It's to bad I am in the wrong state, wished I lived in a little town called perfect, where everything is how it should be.


Weenit's conversation of the day...

I came home after a long day of work to find my lovely roommate AJ drunk off vodka and orange juice. With a smile full of drunken glee he said, "Well hello!" as he lifted his glass. then he continued to say, "Good thing you came home just then or would have started playing drunken Halo."

Me: "Well I'm glad I stopped that before it started, it's one thing to get drunk alone all the time, but to do it while playing Halo every night is another."

AJ:"Hey, I don't play Halo that much."

(His excessive amount of Halo consumption was his only concern?)



It's apparent I have no fans, except for Andy, who was the first and only person to take my quiz. I'm going to remember that at Christmas.


To ______ or Bust! (you fill in the blank)

Rose finally brought me back a book I lent her over a year ago, one of my favorite books in the whole wide worlds. For any woman with a Vagina, or any man who enjoys Vagina, I recommend you go find yourself a copy of this book right away. It's called "The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order". It's a collection of articles from a feminist magazine called Bust, which can be found on the shelves of most Borders or Barnes and Noble bookstores.
I wouldn't consider myself a feminist. In fact, I don't really dig their man hatting, girl power, hairy twat ways. But, I do enjoy some of the very crude, almost unbearable articles Bust has to offer. I would like to share with you a few bits from one of my favorite articles called, "How to be as Horny as a Guy" by Lady J.

Guideline three to being as horny as a guy says "in your mind, replace all advertising images made to titillate men with images made to titillate you. Every add you see that has a sexy woman in it, imagine the ad with a man instead."

It wasn't until I read that article that I realized the term "sex sells" is geared towards men, leaving us ladies empty handed. Why don't advertisers fill our razor adds with sexy men groveling at our feet desperate to touch our freshly shaved, soft legs?

The article also states we should learn more male habits, like ogling, masturbating daily, wearing comfortable clothes, and touching ourselves every time we go to the bathroom. I'm not going to lie, it sounds like a lot more fun on the male gender side of the totem pole.

I think God made it up to us by giving us boobs, and if you ask my sister she will tell you boobs rule the world.

They say she's a gold digger...

I'm sitting here at one in the afternoon wearing the "Hello my name is you can't afford me" pajamas Justin gave me and I am reminded of a conversation...

My mother's boyfriend was talking to one of his much younger coworkers about his girlfriend's three lovely daughters. When his younger coworker got excited and asked how old each of us was my mother's boyfriend said, "It doesn't matter, you can't have any of them any ways."

His coworker then asked why and he said, "Because one of them is married, one is engaged, and the other one you can't afford."

I would just like to say to anyone who thinks I am a gold digger, "You obviously have not met my ex-husband."


A continuing trend...

It seems as though I have been deathly ill during the last couple of holidays. I was released from the hospital after having unnecessary surgery on new years eve, I spent Valentines day in a hospital bed so doped up on Vicodine I didn't need any chocolates, and now that my birthday is less than two weeks away I can feel something coming on. My entire abdominal area hurts, my back is full of cramps, and I am sick to my stomach. I have to wonder if I am once again afflicted with the infection that put me in the hospital in December, or am I dying of something new? Can't this wait till after my birthday? I had plans to travel.


It's all down hill from here...

I knew the day was starting off all wrong when I woke up to Adams wearing my panties, my boss called to ask if I could lend him five thousand dollars, and my employee called in sick because he is missing a hand. I wonder what is next...


A bit about grooming...

It's my personal opinion that when you are speaking about your pubic hair never should you use the word "tuck". And if you can tuck then I know what I'm buying you for Christmas, something made by BIC.


I love my mom

It was that moment when I felt more alone than ever, felt like no one knew my pain, it was the most painful moment in my life when my mom stepped up to the plate. My mother really does know best, and even when my best friends couldn't find the words to sooth me just a little my mother did. It amazing how much she really knows me., how much she wants to be able to mend my broken heart even when she knows she can't. Every girl deserves a mother like mine.

Can we see how long it lasts?

Giving up alcohol that is...


And then I shattered into pieces...

I knew today would come, though I never wanted it to. I should have tried harder to prevent it, but it's too late for even the strongest words or the biggest gesture. Life is never easy when you say goodbye to a fantasy; I can only hope to find the strength to say goodbye.


Does anyone know what today is?

If you guessed Tamy Day you guessed right. Most people think I am silly for remembering this day, but without it there would be no Weenit. There would be so many things about myself I never would have discovered or understood. It may have lead to a lot of pain, but all that pain was worth learning the things I did, worth growing stronger.


Weenit's quote of the day...

"This makes golf look like porn!"

Time to talk about Cali

I forgot how much I miss the ocean. The sound, the smell, the shore, it all overwhelmed me. I spent several hours walking up and down the shore just taking it all in. The first night we went to dinner then had an early bedtime, it became ritual for the rest of the trip. No wonder I felt like such an old geezer. The second day I went whale watching just like I had as a child, only this time I saw no whales. The third day, however, I did go giant squid fishing and discovered how weak I really am. The fourth day I went to the Laguna race track and watched Justin do what he does best. It was disgusting how in love the coaches were with him, they would have his babies if they could. I also got a few good shots in as well. When I get a few extra moments I'll post some more pics and details. Enjoy!


Important fact of life...

You can get kids to do anything you ask if you are holding cookies.