Time to talk about Cali

I forgot how much I miss the ocean. The sound, the smell, the shore, it all overwhelmed me. I spent several hours walking up and down the shore just taking it all in. The first night we went to dinner then had an early bedtime, it became ritual for the rest of the trip. No wonder I felt like such an old geezer. The second day I went whale watching just like I had as a child, only this time I saw no whales. The third day, however, I did go giant squid fishing and discovered how weak I really am. The fourth day I went to the Laguna race track and watched Justin do what he does best. It was disgusting how in love the coaches were with him, they would have his babies if they could. I also got a few good shots in as well. When I get a few extra moments I'll post some more pics and details. Enjoy!

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