I had anther bizarre dream last night...

It's been a while since I've dreamed about zombies. These is something so psychological, yet so frightening about these very specific dreams that makes me enjoy them so much. Though my life is in constant danger and I spend the whole dream running and afraid, it also makes me feel very alive. Though in this particular zombie dream there were also tigers, but I'll get to them in a minute. The dream started in the streets with zombie people grabbing and clawing at me, they were much closer to me than they usually get in these dreams. I was with a group of strangers and one man in the group told us he knew a safe place. He lead us to an apartment building where he lived. There were cops and military men outside fighting off zombies. We went inside and took stairs to his floor. When we opened the door to his floor things got a bit weird. Instead of each apartment being segregated by a long hall and locking doors the whole floor was completely opened up. Each apartment was sectioned off by counters and stair rails, but you could stand in the kitchen or living room of any given apartment and yell across the floor to your neighbors. We struggled trying to figured out witch apartment we were looking for considering none of them were marked. We were worried we might enter the wrong apartment and intrude on a hiding tenant who might mistake us for zombies. Eventually the man who led us to his apartment shows up and directs us to his apartment where he begins to disperse household items for use in self defense against the zombies. Things like knives and scissors and other solid hard objects were handed out. I ended up with a knife which I was concerned wasn't sharp enough. All of the items were close range impact weapons and I couldn't help but think I wish I had a gun or something that I could use to defend myself from them zombies at a distance so I didn't have to get so close.
It was about this point in my dream that zombies began to work their way into the building. I was trying to stab them in the heart or neck with my knife but I felt like I just couldn't get enough force to make my attacks effective. So I kept looking for other sharper knives. Then suddenly my sister was there. She had been bit by a zombie and was turning into one. She started to come after me so I attacked her with my knife in the chest. She went down and then it seemed like suddenly we had our hold back on the building. I realized without further defense the zombies would end up taking over eventually so I went and got us two tigers. The dream did not describe how or where I got the tigers, I just suddenly had them. Around the outside area of the building was a fence so we kept the tigers outside near two swimming pools. the idea was that if zombies got over the fence the tigers would eat them. It worked. The zombies were no longer a threat to me, but now the tigers were. I suddenly had a whole new set of problems. I was afraid of the tigers turning and attacking on me, they were pooping all over the place including in one of the pools. And then we were not sure how we would feed them. I ended up giving them pretzels, bread, and frozen hamburger meat as a meal shortly before I woke up from this dream.
When I did finally wake up I had a pounding headache, as I often do when I was such intense dreams for such a prolonged period of time.