To ______ or Bust! (you fill in the blank)

Rose finally brought me back a book I lent her over a year ago, one of my favorite books in the whole wide worlds. For any woman with a Vagina, or any man who enjoys Vagina, I recommend you go find yourself a copy of this book right away. It's called "The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order". It's a collection of articles from a feminist magazine called Bust, which can be found on the shelves of most Borders or Barnes and Noble bookstores.
I wouldn't consider myself a feminist. In fact, I don't really dig their man hatting, girl power, hairy twat ways. But, I do enjoy some of the very crude, almost unbearable articles Bust has to offer. I would like to share with you a few bits from one of my favorite articles called, "How to be as Horny as a Guy" by Lady J.

Guideline three to being as horny as a guy says "in your mind, replace all advertising images made to titillate men with images made to titillate you. Every add you see that has a sexy woman in it, imagine the ad with a man instead."

It wasn't until I read that article that I realized the term "sex sells" is geared towards men, leaving us ladies empty handed. Why don't advertisers fill our razor adds with sexy men groveling at our feet desperate to touch our freshly shaved, soft legs?

The article also states we should learn more male habits, like ogling, masturbating daily, wearing comfortable clothes, and touching ourselves every time we go to the bathroom. I'm not going to lie, it sounds like a lot more fun on the male gender side of the totem pole.

I think God made it up to us by giving us boobs, and if you ask my sister she will tell you boobs rule the world.

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