Thanksgiving Zombies!

Thanksgiving this year was the same as always, except this year there was no drunken grandmother sitting down to watch football after dinner but falling sleep from all the martinis instead. Guess she had a better party with better booze to show up to.

We ate the required amount of turkey and stuffing, and more than our fair share of green bean casserole. And we all had a lovely time drinking martinis, spiced eggnog, rum and coke, and picking on my baby-sisters fiance who was the first and only one to get wasted. Trust me, there is nothing more amusing that a 4 foot tall drunk Asian. You should get yourself one and check it out if you haven't already.

at one point in the evening my brother in law and I went to pick up a few flicks from Blockbuster, which took over an hour because this seasons rental selection is sub-par if you ask us. But we did manage to find a zombie movie I had not yet seen, with a concept I had not yet seen and really didn't think would work. It was a B-list movie with a smaller budget that pulled it off with some creative shots, and acting that was admittedly better than I though it would be. It was called Flight of the Zombie, and trust me, if you love Zombies just check this one out. It's one of those movies you can't take to seriously while watching, just be ready to laugh every time a zombie jumps back to life, and even when someone goes down with them. And if you happen to find a copy for sale let me know, this is one I must add to my collection.

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