Riding in cars with old ladies...

It's not quite as dangerous as riding in cars with boys, or is it? Oh it deffinetly is, even more so if that old lady is my grandmother. Seriously, people should never have to start their day the way I did this morning.

I don't know how many times I hit the snooze button, but I was in snooze mode for an hour and a half, at nine minutes a snooze you can do the math. I did more math yesterday that I am annually allowed. Anyways, I did eventually rise out of bed and toss some clothes on. After I got to work and took a look at myself in the bathroom mirror I wished I had take just a moment longer to wake up and consider my choice of wardrobe. Today it's me who looks like I was dressed by a blind gay cowboy. It was but fifteen minutes after I stumbled into my clothes that my grandmother was at the front door buzzing repeatedly on the door bell. Hey Grandma, just because you can't hear the door bell ringing doesn't mean it's not! I'm almost certain she is trying to create as much noise and ruckus possible so she will wake up James. I could say I care but I don't, mostly because she is the one who gets to watch him all day. And my son is worse than me if he does not get enough sleep, if you ever want to see the damage a weapon of mass destruction is capable of all you have to do is get my son out of bed at seven in the morning. Kindergarten should be loads of fun.

The trip to work was for once uneventful, It's like my grandmother's road rage took the morning off, and thank fucking God! But the thing about being around her early in the morning that really drives me crazy is her inability to hear you unless you shout at her. And I don't know about the rest of you, but when I shout I start to feel angry. By the time I make it to work I feel like punching someone in the face. It's not a good side effect to have. It's a good thing I don't hate anyone here yet, or I would no longer have a job.

Hey, does anyone else see the trend here? It seems to me when I'm not writing about the upcoming election I'm bitching about my morning. I think it's obvious mornings are not my thing. This is what I get for having a day job. Oh, and look, my hour and a half lunch is over. I should probably get back to doing the same thing I was doing before lunch, nothing.

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