I found some disturbing statistics...

I am still learning about how certain processes in the race for presidency work. My goal by the end of this election is to have a diverse understanding of the presidential election process. And we all know one of the most important (and entertaining if Bush is involved) part of an election is the Presidential debate. A debate can win or loose votes, change minds, embarrass politicians, and make or break a candidate. No wonder they are such a big deal.

So why don't more people tune in and watch these important events? Did you know that in 1960 the first Presidential debate was broadcast live over television and radio; over 66 million people tuned in. But by 2004, only 62.5 million people tuned in to watch the first Presidential debate of the season, and our national population has almost doubled. How is this? Did America stop caring to get informed and get involved?

I also discovered through a very thorough Google search, and by sources like this site, what the voting percentage is today, compared to 1960. Here is what I got...

In 1960 over sixty eight million people voted. It was Kennedy vs. Nixon. If you pay attention you know Kennedy (a Democrat) won, and by only 118,574 votes. That is comparitivley a rather small number, which also goes to show you why your vote does indeed count! Sixty-three percent of eligible voters voted that election.

In 2004 a little over a hundred and twenty-one million people voted. It was Bush vs. Kerry, and though I am a lover of the Democrats I have to say we didn't have a single good choice that election. And unless you are a total idiot you know Bush won. But because our population had doubled since 1960, that year only fifty-two percent of eligible voters got their word in. Do you people realize that is an eleven percent drop since 1960? We must get our vote in and get those statistics up America!

If you want to read more about the statistics I have provided feel free to check out this link. You can also check out this site which shows you a lot of interesting facts about every election ever, how many votes were made, and who won what votes.

That is assuming you have nothing better to do than read about politics. And in case you were wondering why I have become so boring, the thing is my job is so boring it's making me boring. It's the sad truth.

But I am psyched to see the first debate. And I did want to give everyone a friendly reminder to register to vote, in most states you must register thirty days in advance, but I would check just to make sure. And guess what else? No, Elvis was not on my bus this morning. Geeze, you suck at guessing. It's way better than that any ways. Republican Fred Thompson has dropped out of the election! Another one bites the dust!

And remember, vote responsibly, vote Democrat!

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