A blog to go...

I only have 2.3 minutes to tell you what I have been up to today, which is nothing much really, so I guess that works out well.

First of all, it was so very hard to get up this morning, but I made it out of bed, stumbled to work, managed to spill potato soup all down my jacket, but the fact that we had fresh bagels waiting for us in our training room made the potato soup catastrophe all OK.

Our trainer informed us we would be spending the day reviewing and doing hands on practice, for me this means a whole day of napping. And the best part is, last night I got an email from my boss telling me I would be getting a raise. And why? Because I am such a hard worker. Well, I am if you consider napping and doodling in your notebook hard work. I could seriously get use to a job like this.

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