To my fellow blogspot.com bloggers...

To answer the question blogger has posted to the right of your posts, "What is cooler than finding a box full of crayons." They definitely have that one wrong. The answer would be, "Finding a box full of vibrators."

Ok but seriously have any of you noticed the new labels feature? I like it, so I am going to start implementing it into my blogs. This will take time for me to get updated but I am very stoked about it. And if you don't know what "labels" is just go to the bottom of one of my blogs and find the "labels" link, then click on that link. What happens is you get to see all my blog postings under that same link. So if the label is politics, when you click on it all my blogs labeled politics will come up! Eeekkk!

Did I ever mention how much I heart blogger? No? Well, I heart blogger more than all the cyberspace on the world wide web! That is a lot.

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