Tough love is a good lesson to learn...

Parents, sometimes our kids need a little tough love, and in some cases a lot of tough love. Now, I won't be rude and direct this at any one person, but if you know your kid sells drugs, gets in trouble for calling his classmate a cunt, calls his own mother a cunt, stays out till all hours of the night, and has complete disregard for adult authority, chances are it's time for a little tough love.

She said: "If I take away my car how will he get to work?"

I said: "Make him ride the bus."

She said: "But he gets off work at 2am. How will he get home? The bus does not run that late."

I said: "Make him ride a bike."

She said: "But he has asthma and it's too cold to ride a bike."

I said: "I have asthma too and I did it five miles both way."

She said: "But then I will be in the ER room picking him up."

I said: "Then make him take the bus to school and work, and pick him up from work at 2am yourself."

She said: "If he has to take the bus he just won't go, and I don't want to get up at 2am to pick him up."

I said: "If he doesn't go to school them give him other consequences like no work, or no girlfriend, or no concerts ect... And sometimes you have to suffer to teach your kids a lesson."

Does anyone else see a trend here? I know why this lady's kid is such a trouble maker, it's because she allows him to get away with everything, and instead of punishing him she makes excuses for him. It's bullshit. I know if it was my kid I'd take away all "privileges" like his cellphone, car, evenings out. Maybe I am just crazy but it is my personal belief that if you hold your kids accountable for the things they do and let them experience the consequences of their actions you kids will have a much better chance of being successful out in the real world by themselves. And if you don't those will be lessons they have to learn in the real world, which means they will have a disadvantage. Do you really want to be responsible for your kids disadvantage in an evermore competitive world?

Didn't think so, so stop whining about your bad kid and do something about it already.

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