I't's harder on me than most have considered...

In less than two weeks my sister and her husband are moving to Canada! Yes, Canada! And the truth is, it hadn't sunk in until today when they began to pack their trailer full of all their great stuff, stuff I often use. It made the move real for me when Dan told me they were taking an early trip up to Canada so he could secure a job, and so they could drop off a load of their stuff. Wow, this is really happening.

It's just so weird, and a little scary, because both my sisters and I have always lived so close to each other we could throw a cat and hit one another. But really, I've never been more than a thirty minute drive away from one of them, and now I'll have to cross an international boarder and travel miles just to see one of them, the one that will soon have babies.

I mean, why couldn't the crazy, fertiless one go? I mean, she won't be giving me any nieces or nephews to hug and spoil and teach dirty jokes to. Why couldn't she be the one to go?

But more importantly, how will I cope with the fact that the strongest bond I have, the one I share with my sisters, breaking?

I want to go back to the days when my sister and her husband would think about moving, but never make any real plans.Those were the days...

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