Retard baby...

The best way to get your spirits up when your feeling a bit down is to go through the old photo boxes. And at this very moment that is what my entire family is doing, so I thought I would join in. I need a little cheer.

And let me tell you, we found some great stuff, I mean great for blackmail, great to blowup poster size and hang on your wall, just great.

I even found pictures of my sisters picking wedggies, so great.

However, I did eventually have to leave the room from embarrassment, as my mother found a good handful of photographs of me as a baby making these awful faces. And when I say awful, I don't mean screaming and crying awful, I mean awful like when someone catches you making a bad face, your body contorted in between motions. I've been dubbed the retard baby. Great.


Anonymous said...

Dear weenit,
I'm sure you didn't mean to cause any pain by your post, but that's the effect it had on me. You see, I have a child who I love dearly who is a "retard" baby. I'm sure you thought your post was funny, but I can tell you there isn't anything funny about being retarded. Your comment was both hurtful and demeaning to all people with special needs. It's not okay to take away their dignity with a casual remark.
You probably didn't realize that using the word retard as slang can be so hurtful. But now you do.
Thanks for listening.

Weenit said...

If I cut out everything that I thought would offend someone who could possibly read it, well, I would never be able to post.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if my blog offends you don't read it.