Take that cyber bully! And other tales of victory!

Things over here at the Weenery have been a little less than pleasant; we are all sick. And when my sister came home from the doctor yesterday and announced she had strep throat, the only thought crossing through my mind was "mother f#!&*$ son of a b#&$%!!!" I know; it's just strep. You go to the doctor, he does a quick swab, he gives you a bottle full of antibiotics. Problem solved, right? Wrong, at least if you are me, then nothing is that easy. Which leads me to my first tale of victory of the day...

As of March first my health insurance with my new company should have gone into effect. I say "should" because that is not the case. It's been a while since I have been through the process of registering for health benefits. I may be a bit rusty on how things work, but one would assume your employer would send you an enrollment package several weeks before your benefits go into effect, giving you plenty of time to return them before the enrollment date.

Apparently, all this use of common sense does not apply if you work for the company I do. I say this because today is the fifth of March, count the days people, that is five days AFTER enrollment and I have just received my enrollment package in my email. And the only reason I got my enrollment package today was because I called our benefits department yesterday and ripped our benefits lady a new one. I have been arguing with this same woman for the last three weeks, and every time I talk to her she has a new bullshit excuse. At first it had something to do with systems being down. This, I can understand. But then a week later she told me it was in the mail, and a week later, she admitted my name was sitting somewhere in the bottom of a pile and she hadn't gotten to me yet.

Considering that I am a person who needs close to a thousand dollars worth of prescription medication every month just so I can breathe, I was not happy to hear what she had to say, and I had no problem telling her just how I felt. For once in my life, being a raging bitch paid off. And it's a good thing, as I may have strep.

And now, on to victory number two for the day...

Remember my post about Myspace cyber-bullying? Just like whenever I get a spam email, or some guy tries to hit on me, I sent a complaint to Myspace. This morning, when I checked my inbox, I discovered this email from Myspace:


We have received and reviewed your report of inappropriate content. This content has been removed. We thank you for your support in helping to keep MySpace a safe and fun community!


Now, all I have to say is, "take that cyber-bully! You say I look like a man, and I am not above tattle telling. Naner naner poo poo!"

Ok, maybe that was a very minor victory in comparison to tricking my kid into taking his medication yesterday, or saving a hundred people in my dream last night. However, it goes to show that people are still expected to have some sense of decency, even on the web.

Now if you will excuse me, I think a hyena broke into our house and is now couching up a lung, or maybe it's just my kid, it's hard to say.

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