Get a life...

I don't get the things some people do sometimes. Like cyber-bullying, what's the point?

I got an email on my Myspace account today from some homely looking girl who told me I needed to try harder to look less like a man.

What? Did she really think this would hurt my feelings? My Myspace page is so full of femininity the only way I could give it more estrogen is to put a picture of my vagina on it, and I think Myspace has a very strict no porn policy. And besides, what the hell do I care what she thinks?

The kicker was when I tried to respond to her email with some disgusting and vulgar pictures and her page was blocked so that I could not send her a message!

So what? She can dish it but she can't take it?

It's just too bad she doesn't have anything better to do that irritate strangers online. I think the proper solution for this girl would be a really good vibrator. Not only would it put her in a better mood, but it would also give her something better to do.

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