Give me something deep fried and sweet...

This weekend Mack and I ventured out of the city and spent an evening at the Indian Springs Resort in Idaho Springs. We lounged around for an hour in one of the private hot tubs (very relaxing, but is it just me or does any one else agree that hot tubs can totally drain every ounce of energy right out of your body?). After the hot tub we hit downtown Idaho Springs for some drinking and fun, and we found it at the Tommyknocker brewery.

So there we are, Mack with his beer, me with my Vodka and Cranberry cocktail, when Mack said, "I could really go for some dessert. Cheesecake sounds good. Or even something deep friend would be nice."

So we ask the bartender for the dessert menu and we open it up to find "deep fried cheesecake" on the menu!

And then a bright light shined down on us and angels sang. Seriously, what are the chances that every last thing your tongue is salivating for should be found on the menu in one perfect and precise item?

Now that I think about it, it's kind of creepy, I mean, it was almost to good to be true.

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Historical Wit said...

serendipitous? yeah serendipitous.