It's too early to have so much trouble...

Let me start off by saying Happy fucking Valentine's Day. Do you know that it is only 7:51 in the morning and I have already dealt with a number of problems, starting at six o'clock this morning when I got locked out of my house in my pajamas. I had nothing but a soaking wet pair of house slippers on my feet and it was snowing like crazy. What a wake up call.

And then when I got to work this morning I realized I forgot my badge, so I was locked out of the building. What is it with me and getting locked out? I am also locked out of my program at work (still) which destroys any possibility of me being productive today. Now, I'm not complaining about the fact that I get paid to sit around here and blog all day, I'm just a tad bit worried they will can my ass if I don't start contributing.

Maybe I could clean some toilets or something?

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