On feeling like a teenager again...

The last time I felt like a teenager I must have been sixteen, which was the year right before I had to do all that growing up and face motherhood. But last night as I sat in a car parked out front of my mother's house kissing Mack while listening to rock music on the radio and trying not to let my libido get carried away I couldn't help but to think we both could have been mistaken for a couple of hormonal teens about to get a talking to from my mother.

I was pulled back into reality when he insisted I stay there a bit longer, lips interlocking, but I had to go. A five year old was waiting for me to read him a goodnight story after tucking him in and scaring all the monster out from under his bead. Though feeling like a teenager again, if even for a second, was fantastic, I wouldn't go back and reclaim it if it meant sacrificing those quieter moments with my son.

Needless to say I feel silly this morning. it could because of my momentary experience of youth last night, or it could be because my anxiety from this weekend has finaly subsided. At one point last night I remember thinking as I was looking at a man how much I wanted to touch him and do naughty things to him. It's been a long time since I've had such thoughts. I think all this is a good sign the old me is back, and I think better than ever.

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