Why do I ever bother to get out of bed?

Today, I am being paid to do nothing all day. That is eight full hours of nothing. You may ask how this is any different from the every other day at work, and I will tell you I'm not so sure. Except, I do know today is the first day I will have to spend the full eight hours here doing nothing. Usually they find something, anything, for us to be occupied with even if only for fifteen minutes. We were warned about this yesterday when our boss told us to bring in a book or maybe our banjo, but I was almost sure they would find some pathetic and boring task for us to complete (like cleaning toilets). Our qualifications must not be toilet rated, I guess they decided to leave that one up to the professionals.

Now I just have to keep myself occupied for seven hours and twenty more minutes. I have one book that I am sure will be read twice cover to cover within two hours, and then my sister has given me an assignment. Yes, you read that correctly.

The thing is my grandmother got an odd letter from some social security committee of some sort saying social security is safe and no one needs to worry. At the end it asked for donations. Another letter was sent directly to my sister's husband from the social security department themselves stating how much he has paid into the fund and informing him to be cautious as the fund is likely not to be around when he is old enough to need it. Odd, isn't it? So it has now become my job to compare and research the two letters and write a detailed blog based on what I found. Wish me luck. And keep checking back to this page, with all the free time I have chances are I'll blog myself to death.

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