Oh Anna...

It's another lovely unproductive day her at Sun. My password does not work again today, which is quite odd as it worked all of yesterday. Neither myself, or any of the administrative people here can understand why either. So, Once again I will sit about and find random words to Google, check my Myspace page an unhealthy number of times, and if I am lucky I'll sneak in a nap. I, for one, do not anticipate them to have my access up and running again any time soon, which means any time today. Not that I mind getting paid to do nothing productive, it's just that I have a low capacity for sitting still long periods of time unless my mind is fully or partially engaged.Oh, did I forget to mention how I'm quickly running out of words to Google.

Though I am reading a fantastic book, or parts of a fantastic book I should say. Do you remember how back in the 80's Reader's Digest would print those Reader's Digest condensed books? Of course you don't. They would take four books, delete entire chapters, paragraphs, and sentences, and basically trim them down until they could all fit into one leather bound book. well, I was rather enjoying one particular story I found in one of these books my mom had on her bookshelf, that is until I realized it was condensed. You could not even imagine my amazement as I finished chapter seven and flipped the page find the next chapter printed was chapter nineteen! I was all, WTF?!?! Where did the rest of the book go? I felt seriously ripped off. It's not like they cut out a paragraph or two, but eleven chapters! I hardly doubt there was nothing of importance in those eleven chapters, or why would the author have written them? I hadn't even realized it was a condensed book until that point, and to realize it made me feel so disappointed. It is true what they say about ignorance being bliss.

But on another note, I did find some blogs I found to be particularly amusing and interesting, so go check them out. This one I think is quite clever, If I could draw I would have thought to myself, why didn't I think of that? and this one is just plain hilarious, though it is a bit late in the season. If you don't find them amusing than I would suggest finding a sense of humor, or come borrow some of mine. Anyways, I am off to take a nap or something as equally unproductive.

P.S. Did you know this is my 200th post? Of course you didn't because you have better things to do.

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