What are you going to do? Go for the sweet spot?

I had the most fantastic dream last night; it was weird. If it were a movie it would be a mix between The Chronicles of Riddick, and Fantastic 4. In one part of the move a giant rock like creature cam busting out of the roof of a building with amazing force. I 'm thinking that was probably induced because I watched the new AVP movie last night with A.J. In one part of the movie the Predator comes busting out of the sewer under the road much in the way the rock like creature did in my dream.

But the best part was the end of my dream where I was a bad ass chick, like Domino or the chick from the Resident Evil movies. If I were not such a wimp I would make a great bad ass chick. I also had a bad ass boyfriend that I was cuddling with. Guess who it was, no, not Al Gore. It was Vin Disel. Funny, I never thought him to be the cuddling type. It's just too bad this dream didn't go x-rated.

Hey imagination, whats up with the prude cuddling?

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