Day two, alas! This $&!% works!

When I arrived at work today my password worked, finally! Now I can get to work; can you feel the excitement? In all honesty today has felt just the same as yesterday, boring. These training modules are full of uninteresting technical writing, writing that is worded in a way you must read it three times, then take a white out pen to the screen and mark out the extra superfluous words, just so you can get to the point. I mean really, it's in essence a training manual, no need to explain to me how complicated a process can be by using seven different words that define complication in one sentence. Is it really necessary?

But, I did have a fantastic dream last night about the boy, you know, the one who is always in my dreams. Usually when I dream about him I am always trying too hard to win his affection, and he is only cold meant to me. I usually wake up with a bit of negative emotional residual that starts me off in a rather grumpy way. But this morning I had a smile on my face as I crawled out of bed near 5 am, it's been with me the rest of the day. And whenever I think I could no longer handle the dulling repetition of these training modules I close my eyes and remember the way he leaned over me with a smile on his face and a longing gaze in his eyes. I know, sounds terribly corny for someone as un-serious as myself, but why should I care? I'm in too much of a grand mood.

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