Making good use of the corporate dollar...

7:30am - Arrive at the Sun training center for my first day of work. I'm early so I sit in the lobby and wait.

8:30am - All the other new trainees finally show up.

9:00am - Our training room is not yet equipped with a network so we sit in another empty room and wait.

9:20am - Go on break for thirty minutes.

9:50am - We venture across the huge Sun campus to our training room, only to find our access passwords to the training modules don't work. We surf the web and wait for who ever is in charge of this kind of thing to fix it.

10:23am - take a twenty minute nap while drooling on my chair.

11:09am - We go to lunch for an hour, because we have been working so damned hard all day.

12:09pm - Come back from an uneventful lunch to find our passwords still don't work. Commence phase two of "surfing the web".

1:10pm - Still waiting on those passwords...

Don't you think they would have some sort of video for us to watch, maybe on corporate policies or something? I sure could use a refresher course on that sexual harassment issue. It's been a long time since I have worked anywhere that required me to sign an acknowledgment of the employee handbook form; I think some catching up on the ways of corporate America would do me some good.

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