Just blah...

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, and not in the stuffy nose kind of way. I just feel like I need a mental day, and be alone so I can sit and talk to myself like any sane person would do. It's just that there is never enough time in one day to get things done. If I had about thirty minutes to spare I'd tell you about my blind date, which by the way was like dating my mom. I could discuss the grueling process of finding and enrolling my son into daycare but then I would have to pull out the last few strands of hair I have left, and I just don't look good bald. I have this unsightly lump on the back of my head from an ATV accident and hair works as a nice camouflage. So as soon as I can find the time and/or energy, and wouldn't I be lucky to find both, I'll let you all know what it's like to date my mom.

But don't mention the daycare, it's a sore spot for me. Now please excuse me, I have some pills to go take.

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