I've seen better days...

This morning it was cold, snot freezing in your nose cold. And on my way to work one of my ankle socks started to slip off of my foot inside of my shoe. So there I am, with a sock around my toes, frozen snot in my nose, thinking to myself...

OK, so there were no thoughts going on in my head at that time, because my brain doesn't work well when it is frozen.

It doesn't help that I am forced to survive another day of boring mindless tasks at work with only three miserable hours of sleep under my belt, at the sole fault of my sister. This morning I seriously considered starting sibling warefare by doing the one thing I knew would wake her up at six am, putting my shoes on and stomping loudly about the house until the noise and vibrations wake her from deep sleep down in her basement cave lair. But much like real warfare, when you are considering sibling warfare with someone like my sister you must tread carefully. She doesn't play nice, that and she is very malicious. In the end I tucked my tail between my legs and tiptoed about, knowing if I hadn't she would make my life more miserable than it already is.

But I swear if she doesn't shape up I'll be forced to flush the toilet while she is in the shower.

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