Do you know what I wish? I wish that all dogs could be like Vega, and mostly because Vega is the only dog in the entire world (of course this excludes the dogs I have never met) that I am almost completely not allergic to, unless of course I pick her up and rub her all over my face. And don't assume I haven't contemplated it, Vega is just that lovable.

My allergy to dogs depends on a lot of things, including the breed, how often it is bathed, and even how much time I have spent with the dog. This can be tricky when you are a person who has grown to love dogs as much as me, or if you are a person who likes to date people who have dogs. It's mostly impossible for me to know how I will react to their best friend, and sometimes it can be a complete mood killer. Short of sticking razor blades in your tampons, there are few things as unpleasant as feeling snot run down your nose while engaged in a rigorous game of tonsil hockey.

I just don't know what to do or how to handle this. I guess I could fill up on some Benadryl pre-date but considering how tired I always am already, that may not be a good idea. I'd probably end up face first into a plate of pasta, or something equally as embarrassing. I could date people who don't have dogs, but have you met those people? They are a lot like me, and I would not want to date me. The only real option I have is to spend some time with the furry monster and grow an immunity to it. That could take some time... I feel like I have a lot of stuffy nights ahead of me.

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