I just got back from a magnificent two hour lunch, but hush (don't tell my boss), to discover I had a new comment on my blog posted earlier today titled "A whole lot of la-ti-da". It shocked me, almost scared me, because I didn't know anyone else but myself and maybe the occasional friend read my blog. Once upon a time, people use to read my blog, a lot of people, and then one tragic day I locked myself out of my blog for a good five months. And do you know what happens to a blog that goes dormant for five months? It's readers just sort of disappear, they forget it every existed and move on to a new blog.

but it's nice to know a few newbies are stumbling upon my blog, and it is just that much more exciting when those newbies are fellow bloggers, considering how much I love blogging.

P.S. did any of you vote this year in the Bloggie awards? If not you have until 10pm tonight to do so. You better hurry the hell up.

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