Talking about physics over a few drinks...

My sister was explaining to her husband and I Newton's law of relativity after we mixed it up with Murphy's law (What ever can go wrong will go wrong). Anyways, apparently Newton's law of relativity explains how something gains mass as it moves faster, but that law also proves that it is not possible to move faster than light. Don't ask me how it proves that, I had nodded off into my own little world filled puppies and butterflies.

Being the Einstein that I am I said, "Don't you think their might be a way around that? Like, maybe we could totally bend light, or something!"

And my brother in law said, "No because then you start creating creatures. Your spaceship will start pooping out cats and dogs."

And I said, "Well then how far would you have to bend to start spitting out people?"

And he said, "that happens when your engine is burning up oil and stuff, and you know it ain't going to pass emissions."

You may need to read this blog I wrote a few days ago to get the joke, particularly the line that reads,"Many believe the Anunnaki were an alien species who came to earth, and with their ability to bend light created man kind in their likeness."

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