Lets talk about religion, baby...

Am I crossing a line here? Will I find religious radicals standing at my front door with protest signs? I doubt it, because if that were to happen to me it would have occurred long ago. But I do know this particular post will offend a good deal of people, mainly people very strong and defensive in their religious beliefs. So here is my disclosure: If there is any way possible you might feel the need to send me email filled with unnecessary capitalized letters telling me I may burn in hell for my beliefs or lack there of, or if you might feel the need to convert me, don't read past the dotted line.

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OK great. Wait, I sense that some of you radicals are still reading. Fine then, it's your funeral...

If you have not figured it out by now, I am an Atheist. However, I am in no means a pushy one. I realize their is a possibility I may be wrong and will therefore be convicted to an eternity of purgatory. My point being, I don't assume any one religious belief is correct, I don't assume I am correct. I only choose to be an Atheist because no one religion can prove to me that a God or supreme being exist, and I relie heavily in reason, equation, and solid visible proof. I know the Christians will tell you to have faith that God exists, and I say what a bunch of crap. The Catholics try to scare the shit out of you by saying "believe or burn in hell." To bad for them scare tactics never worked well on me. And the Mormons, they try to sweeten the deal by making outrageous promise of things to come upon death, and lets just say I am a being motivated primarily by instant gratification. It's not likely you will catch me working so damned hard for something I won't see till I die.

But Catholicism, Christianity, Mormonism, and even Atheism are just a few of many beliefs out there. Recently my sister, who started as a Baptist, like myself, then became Atheist of some bizarre sort, then turned Mormon because she married one, is now considering a new faith, or should I call it a following? I think a following would be the appropriate term, considering it's not a religion, but a belief of creationism that has managed to explain the origin of religion, extra terrestrial existence, and even gave an explanation to the polytheist beliefs of the Sumerian people. This following is know as the belief of the Anunnaki. Go ahead, look it up on Wikipedia. But truth is, Wikipedia doesn't do the Anunnaki justice, so let me sum up the belief of the Anunnaki in one long sentence. Many believe the Anunnaki were an alien species who came to earth, and with their ability to bend light created man kind in their likeness to use as slaves that harvested gold, because gold just so happens to be a metal that makes them live longer lives, and earth just so happened to be full of it. So there you have it. We were created by alien beings as slaves, so why are they not around any longer whipping us and forcing us to haul loads of gold? Well, the belief goes on that eventually, the Anunnaki had an internal war because they believed enslaving us was wrong, much like the war against black slavery in America so many years ago. When I researched the Anunnaki I got a lot of interesting and bizarre information. Some people consider themselves to be mediums who can channel back to the Anunnaki and see how things played out. Other people claim to have visions of devastating wars, and mythical beings with insane powers, but most write it off as an undeveloped religious belief of the ancient times.

I find it fascinating, not to say I am a believer in any way, but I do think for those of us open minded to learning about different creation theories, and different religious views, you may want to read a little more about the Anunnaki. I suggest checking out this site, but be forewarned, the woman who wrote this site is in no way credible as she claims most of her information came through channeling by her and another psychic.

You can also read about it a bit more in detail on a site containing an article written by a leader of the Anunnaki studies, Zecharia Sitchin, on this site here. On this site they claim there is one source of DNA for all life on earth, except Humans, who harbor 223 genes that did not come from any predecessors in the genome pool, they are known as alien genomes. Believers of the Anunnaki believe this happened when the Anunnaki people mated with us, their slaves (much like slave owners were known to do here in America).

You can also read about it a bit more here, so go on be curious, click the link. What could it hurt?

And then lets all give a hand of applause to my sister for once again filling the minds of others with conspiracy theories. Maybe next week I'll spend a few hours writing about her theories on the government and health care systems to infuse us all with cancer.

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