To the bastards who stole my camera...

Karma is going to get you if I don't get you first. I guarantee whatever punishment fate has in line for you won't be as painful as when I reach down your throat, grab hold of your nutsack, and pull it out so it dangles from your teeth, and that's just the foreplay. Seriously, do you even know how much that thing is worth, or better yet, how important that thing is to my lively hood? Of course not. I bet you just went to the closest pawn shop and gave it away for a very small fraction of its value. Truth is, the joke is on you cumbucket. If you had any brains at all you would have snagged the really expensive light meter, or the hard drive full of free porn, or maybe the lens cap and charger to the camera. Tell me, did you enjoy my pictures? I hope so as I worked very hard on them, my teacher would love to see them since they were part of my project. You taught me a valuable lesson, you pretty much suck. Just remember when your wife leaves you, then your dog dies, your house burns down, you get fired from your job, and you become an alcoholic, that was just God's way of answering my prayers.

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