It's been a while.

I know I owe you all a serious post about whats been going on in my life, a ton of things are a bit over due. I am going to try and cover a broad range of subjects quickly as my busy life has got me so booked I can't find time to pick my own nose.

To start, if any one knows any one who's looking for a nice engagement ring I've got one I'm trying to get rid of, it no longer means anything to me, better I get rid of it. It has been sitting on my dresser burning a hole into my brain far too long.

I am ecstatic to have heard from an old friend, turns out he just broke his phone and lost my number, glad to hear our incident did not leave me blacklisted.

Who knew bitter men could actually taste so sweet?

Art school is like kindergarden, with breasts and bubble gum.

We photographed and filmed our first real man on woman intercourse Saturday night, wow! And in case you ever need to know, corn syrup and coconut milk do not look like real jizz.

The best part of this whole month is the boys are back in town! Welcome home guys, now sit and enjoy some cold beer while the new recruits take your place over in the sand dunes of hell we call the war. Thank God you all made it home safe.

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