Right when I want to be wrong, wrong when I want to be right.

The irony of it makes me sick. Can you imagine finding everything you swear to be true wrong? And when you want nothing more than to be wrong you're right? That is the kind of luck I have. Let me give a little history. Last summer I went to meet my friend Justin for some delicious sushi in Denver. I got to pick the place so I decided on Akebono. Next thing I knew Justin and I were standing in front of a locked door staring into a very empty, almost ghost town like, restaurant. Akebono had closed up shop and I had no ideal. The kicker was when Justin said the place was probably closed and I said, "No, I was just there a few months ago." He still gives me shit for that, but only because a little while ago we went with some friends to dinner and once again he let me pick the place. He warned that I better pick a place that is actually open. I decided Donkey Den sounded nice. We got there and it was open but when we sat down and asked for menus the waitress informed us they no longer served food and had converted to a bar! I wanted to die. Once again I was wrong, much like the time I was only joking about the old guy having a heart attack on his 90th birthday day.Today I discovered that I am once again wrong. I had a job interview at a warehouse in Denver. My friend Mike told me to go online to mapquest and get directions; I told him it was not necessary because I had my own personal directory called mom and she knows where everything is. I was wrong; I was also almost late to my interview. Thank god I gave myself an ungodly amount of time to get there! I feel like I aced the interview and think I have the job. I should hear back from them soon. I just hope I am not wrong on this one as well.

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