Parents can be so cruel...

My father thought he was being real cute when he named me Tamy Nichole Thomason just so I would have the initials T.N.T. It's not so bad I suppose, except that I am the youngest Tamy I have ever meet. At least he did not name me Tamra or Tamira. In fact, my name seems heaven sent compared to some names out there, my all time favorite I heard yesterday at work. When I read her name I almost died of laughter and couldn't help but wonder why her parents hated her so much. Her name was Loven Seamen. I can't imagine what middle and high school was like for her. Personally, I am willing to bet she is the biggest dyke lesbian there ever was and she is not actually Loven Seamen. Another great one I once saw was Hung Long, I felt dirty saying it, but the rest of my coworkers had a good time with it.

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