So, it was like three months ago that I put up a post declaring my rebirth into the blogopshere, and since then, nothing. It took the reprimands of my close loved ones to get me a little focused.

"Bad blogger, naughty blogger, now go sit in the corner with your laptop and don't turn around until you have written something witty!" my mother said as she whipped me with a newspaper.

Ok, maybe it didn't quite go like that. Truth is, I sat down two months ago to write you all about what has been going on in my life but that post got so long and list-like that I forgot what I was doing and became distracted by something shinny.

So here is what happened to me in the last few months...

Some time before December 22: I get stupid drunk and snog with Photo Mike, which leads to us becoming "Us".

December 22: Tony wrecks his dads car after picking Rose and I up from the Sports Authority where we just bought wool socks for our snowboarding trip that next day. The impact broke two bones in my face, and broke my left ring finger in about ten different places. I still have not used my new board!

December 29Th: I have surgery to put my finger back together, and spend the next week or two lying in bed popping Vicodin and watching Vin Diesel movies. The surgery forces me to miss my New Years eve in New York watching the ball drop and drinking overpriced martinis at Manhattan's trendiest.

January: I think it's wise to acquire myself a cute little urinating poop factory we call Annabell, and consequently, I fall head over heads for my little pointer mix.

February: I get a huge tax return and buy a car. I'm not any good at this driving thing so wish me luck.

March: I have more surgery to remove some of the metal placed in my finger to hold the bits in place, more vicodin follows.

April 1st: I've recovered from the accident, aside from the lack of feeling in the top left side of my mouth, or the fact that my finger only bends sixty degrees. But if you can overlook all that, I guess you could say I'm recovered.

But more importantly, it's April fools day and no one has managed to pull a prank on me yet. Granted, I am huddled here in a corner keeping close watch out the window for AJ, or any of his little minions to come sneaking along.

P.S. Has anyone seen Google's April fools prank? Autopilot gmail, I love it!

Anyways, I guess now it's time to get back to real life. I've been sitting around the last three months recovering from this accident with little no more to do than google the names of every person I know that I've gotten so accustom to a little thing called sitting on my ass. Going back to work tomorrow is going to be tough on me, and my soft ass. Want to know what the most ironic thing about this whole situation is?

Next week I start my pre scheduled vacation.

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