Happy birthday to me! Come on, sing along everyone...

Today is my 25Th birthday, you know what that means, right? Lower insurance premiums! So, the birthday curse has hit yet again, but I think the birthday goodness came out and kicked it's but all over the place. Things we not working as I planned, my family was giving me a migraine over everything, and I almost lost it. I came seconds away from canceling the trip and running through the streets with a machete dicing up mail boxes (isn't mental illness grand). Long story short, the BF won't be joining me in Havasu like planned, but aside from that things worked out.

And on top of it all I learned a few things. First of all, I may need to see a therapist. Second, I don't think the BF can man up when the going gets though and just enjoy it. Now I need to spend my vacation trying to decide if I have room for someone like that in my close and personal intimate life.

I'll be seeing you all in a week so I can tell you all about meeting my idol and interweb goddess Heather Armstrong of Dooce!

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Old Ladies Driving said...

Happy Birthday!


Wishing you a year full of cheap insurance premiums and loads of laughter.

-- The Old Ladies