Pictionary made me do it...

I spent my evening last night playing a four hour game of Pictionary with twelve of my closest relatives. First, let me start by saying that sitting for four hours and doing any single activity with my relatives is just asking for it. There was so much yelling, and tension, and insanity going on around me I can still hear a ringing in my ears.

Second, my God fearing and wholesome uncle, the one I can't talk about vaginas in front of, was sitting across the table from me when I pulled an "all play" card that read "skeet."

Do you guys know what a skeet is? I didn't, at least not what the word really means. The only meaning of "skeet" that I know is the slang meaning which refers to ejaculation.

Long story short, I thought I was screwed. I mean, I had a serious moral dilemma. I could draw the image of what I knew "skeet" to mean, and risk an execution, or I could toss my turn.

What do you guys think I did?

I drew a stripper on a stripper pole, and a man with a handful watching her (in stick figure art of course).

And my partner got it on the second guess! Yeah, I'm good.

And the best part, my uncle did not freak out and banish me from his house.

Good call Tamy, good call.

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