My sister is gone...

Can everyone say "Goodbye Mindy and Dan"?

How about a good 'ol Canadian "Eyh"?

If I wasn't so busy flying about the continent I might have a moment to miss her; that will just have to wait till I get home I suppose.

But really, my siblings and I have always been very close, geographically I mean. We never lived more than a few minutes apart, and I liked it that way. Even when I lived in the city, it was a short trek up or down the highway for a friendly hello, drink, joint, line of coke, ect... (I'm just kidding)

Mindy had to go and ruin that. She loaded up her shotgun, her snow pants, and plans for world domination. Oh, I almost forgot about her husband and the dog.

She took them as well.

but the worst so far was when they left.

We were all hugging goodbye, which I just happen not to do so well, and of course I teared up a bit. And what did my friends and family do?

Made fun of me, of course.

Don't blame them, blame their fathers for not hugging them enough as a kid. I most certainly do.

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