It's not the first time...

Picture this...

Me, rolling fifteen miles an hour down a hill on roller blades. At the end of the hill is a busy road of traffic.

(Did I mention I have not worn a pair of roller blades since high school?)

Well, I haven't. And as I came closer to the busy road of traffic, I realized I didn't know how to stop or slow myself down... SHIT! And, I was picking up speed.

So, what did I do? I found the softest thing I could find, and used it as a brake. In my case, the softest thing I could find was a parked car. So now I've gone and torn something in my arm, a muscle I assume. My neck hurts from whiplash, and the couple standing by as they pointed and laughed gave my ego a good bruise.

But don't worry, the parked car was ok.

Lesson learned: Always know how to stop before you start. That metaphore also works well when it comes to the topic of drugs and alcohol.


Historical Wit said...

More Knob Creek. repeat process. Should help with pain

Shoe said...

HA! Was the car okay?