Hello blog...

I hate two things, wait, make that three things very much. First, there is my ex-husband, second is waiting in line at the DMV, and third is filling taxes.

But just two minutes I finished filling them online, which is something that really does make the whole process a lot less painful. However, where I should have a 4,500$ return, I'm only getting 100$.

That is an unfortunate change thanks to the ex-husband, who is still costing me money years after our divorce! Gosh, I hate that guy!

So now, it's back to court to force him to adhere to the binding legal document he signed. Oh yeah, I also hate court.

Anyways, I've got so much to tell you, but so little energy with all the training for my new job and the taxes and such. But soon I'll have a massive amount of time to check in and tell you all about hot jugs and peep holes!

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