Ever thought you might like to waste an hour and a half of your very busy day? Then go to Walmart...

So, I just got back from an excruciatingly long wait at the Walmart pharmacy, when I was given the twenty questions by a three year old named Elizabeth. Ok, I think it was Elizabeth, I don't really remember. Anyways, I don't know Elizabeth. She is one of those kids who likes to talk to strangers, guess her mom never taught her that lesson. I guess, judging by the look of frustration in her eyes, she was probably wishing a stranger would run off with the kid.

Anyways, I suddenly realized while trying to avoid conversation with Elizabeth that my youth is slipping away. And all because Elizabeth asked me if I had a husband!

Like, am I really starting to look old enough that a child would look at me and think I should have a husband? And then, of course, when I told her I did not have a husband she asked me, "Why not?"

Why not? Like, now I feel like not only do I look old enough to be married, but I look old enough that I should be married.

I really wanted to tell Elizabeth that I hated my husband so much I took him out with the trash, but I would hate to be held responsible for crushing the spirits of such a free child.

However, when she asked me if I was her friend, do you know what I told her? I said, "Elizabeth, I am not your friend, I am a stranger. And don't you know, you should never ever talk to strangers."


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