Two years, and stronger than ever...

Today in a meeting where we were discussing very important things, things I care to know nothing about, I realized while dazing off into space that today is the official two year anniversary of this blog.

I say "official" because when my blog first started I had it registered as it's own domain Weenit.com, but lost a ton of money on a bet involving the Denver Broncos one year and could no longer afford the outrageous fees Yahoo was charging me, so a bit down the road it became a Blogspot blog. So, even though the address may have changed, I've been sharing with you my feelings and secrets for two years now. For a girl who can hardly commit to dinner, committing to two years of blog up keeping is amazing. And I don't intend to stop.

And of course, as much as I dislike him sometimes, I feel obligated to thank Christopher who, quite possibly in a drunken haze, gave me the nickname Weenit. He was also one of the driving forces that suggested I start this blog. So to Christopher, thanks dude.


Historical Wit said...

yeah I was reading through your earlier stuff and sensed some angst toward the ex dude that was in your life. But you are a prolific writer and thats ehy i keep coming back. good wit, funny writing and all that jazz.

Weenit said...

You sparked an argument here in the office when you called me "prolific", which is a word I wasn't familiar with.

After we all came to a final conclusion as to it's meaning (thanks to Wikipedia) my boos asked me why if I was so prolific with my blog, why couldn't I be more prolific with my job.

I told him we all have to make sacrifices for our art.

He does not think I am as funny as my blog readers do.

trade in old car said...
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Historical Wit said...

Yeah, sorry about that. Sometimes I get wrapped up in my words. I was a history major and tend to use words that are soooo last century.