An Inconvenient Truth...

I watched Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" last night. Upon the end of the DVD I have to stop and ask America, How did Bush beat him in the Presidential election of 2000? It just does not make sense to me. First of all, Al Gore can get up in front of a crowd of people and give a speech and not sound like an idiot. Second, he cares so much about the human race, I bet he would have had better solutions to some of the problems our country has encountered since Bush has been in office.

I could spend the whole day writing about the many ways I dislike Bush, could kick his ass on an SAT test, and quite possibly just kick his ass, but I won't. I'm writing about Al Gore and his stand on global warming, which is undeniable once you watch the documentary.

And for those of you who hear the word documentary and suddenly feel like you are dying of boredom, don't run away screaming just yet. This flick is worth watching, especially if you think you know how global warming works. I know I thought I did, then I watched this film and was surprised by the wealth of information I absorbed.

but what stunned me most was the fact that America is the number one contributor of Pollution in the world. And not just by a little bit, but by a lot! We should be ashamed. We are single handedly destroying the world we live in, and then what? What will be the solution when it is too hot to step outside? What will we do when our coasts are flooded and millions of people loose their homes? What will we do when the hurricanes and tornadoes destroy our lands? these are things that will happen unless we work with our government to pass laws and regulations that can help.

While all that can take it's time, I think we could all use a few eco-friendly adjustments in our own homes. So first, I'd recommend everyone go watch the movie. And then, check out the following sites to help you "go green" and save the planet our children will someday inherit.




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Historical Wit said...

I got green about 15 years ago. So there wasn't much Mr. Gore added to my knowledge, but I am with you. everyone needs to get up and do something. anything they can. Glad your inspired or renewed inspired.