A pornographic tragedy...

The other night Mack and I took a little trip down to the local porn store to find something for our viewing pleasure. We had a good idea what we were looking for when we went in there. No anal, nothing loaded with blowjobs, and not to be racist, but no big black cocks giving it to white chiks. Twenty minutes later we left with one of those porns that had a story line, it was called "Corruption" and featured a bit about a man running for President. If you can't figure it out by now, he was corrupt, and ugly.

When it comes to male porn stars, you can't expect too much. They are hired solely on cocktalent, looks have nothing to do with it. Take Ron Jeremy as a good example. He is the worlds most famous male porn star, and man, he is one ugly fuck, but he gets to fuck a lot of hot tail, so who's to judge?

That aside, this movie was full of everything we did not want. There was a black bodyguard screwing some white chick, almost every scene featured anal, and what was up with the blowjobs? These were not your normal blowjobs people. I wanted to throw up just watching it. I think I even saw one girl cry real tears of pain.
So, forty dollars later, we were very disappointed. And they won't let us return it. So what do people do with bad porn? Is there a place where people send their bad porn? Or maybe we can donate it to a good cause?

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Historical Wit said...

and thats why my porn is hand me downs or bootlegs. I hate being burned on bad porn. You might as well throw that shit away.