Weenit's conversation of the day...

Mack and I stepped into the kitchen where my mother and Aunt were having what felt like a very personal conversation. I could feel it in the air, in the way their voices hushed as we entered. Then my mother proceeds to do what I almost always fail to do, the introductions. And just as she begins, knowing my mother as well as I do, I begin to panic. I know where this conversation is heading, and it's too late to stop it...

My mother, "Mack, this is my sister Cheryl" she says as she motions towards my aunt.

Aunt Cheryl, "Hi, nice to meet you" She says as she shakes his hand.

My mother, "Cheryl, this is Mack..."

and then nothing but a really long pause. She looked up at me, then at Mack. I knew exactly what she was thinking, but I also knew she lacked the social grace to know when to stop. I must have had a mortified look on my face to mirror what I was feeling inside as I whispered to myself, "Fuck no don't say it!"

My mother, "Mack is Tamy's...... Friend?" she said with question in her voice as she looked up at us. It was almost as if she expected us to stop and have the DTR talk right there, to look back at here and agree on some sort of label for our relationship. I have never felt this awkward in my life.

And of course, because I'm not at all good at dealing with tension like that I just giggled, and so did Mack. At that instant his giggle was OK to me, in a way comforting. It made me feel like he may not have at all been phased by it. It reassured me, that unlike myself, he wouldn't sit about for the next few hours and fester about it. But what if he did? What if he sat about and wondered if it was time for us to have the DTR talk?

Because now I am sitting around and wondering if it's time we have this talk. And do you know what all of this is doing to my blood pressure?

Thanks Mom. With out you, I'd still have my sanity.

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