Thundersnow and vaginas...

Does any one else know what a thunder snow shower is? Apparently, it's when you have snow and thunder at the same time! Call me naive, but I didn't know this was possible. And do you know how eerie something like that can be? Especially if it happens right after you get done looking at a bunch of vaginas? And I am not talking about your average female vagina here, I'm talking about a bunch of really bad paintings of butterflies and flowers that were suppose to represent vaginas. It was called "The Pussy Gallery" and everyone in the Santa Fe art district was making a big commotion about it. Hell, with a name like that who wouldn't? Even I was a bit excited to see it. Then I saw it and realized the only people who would be impressed with that were hardcore feminists, the kind of feminists who would tell me I am holding down the female gender because I'd rather call my vagina a nani and shave it. I know if that were my gallery I would have taken a dozen or so very diverse woman and photographed their junk up close, almost as if I were taking a portrait, and shown it at the exhibit. That would have shocked some people, offended others, but at least it would have aroused some sort of reaction in the community. And isn't that the point of art?

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