Lights out!

I've been writing something new, it's a memoir of our childhood through my sisters POV. I think the two pages I have down are fantastic. I've really put some hard work into it. In fact, I spent the better part of ten minutes writing a sentence because every time I read over it I had to fix or change something. And then finally, as I had it just the way I wanted it and was about to fall drunkenly over with glee my computer shut down. Everything shut down. The entire Sun Microsystems campus had no power.

You just never really notice how noisy an office is until everything turns off and you are left sitting in the silent darkness thinking "&%$!#@^ &!%@$#!!!"

It took over 45 minutes to get the power back on, and in the mean time I could not find a friggin pen or single piece of paper to write down my sentence before I forgot it! WTF! I mean, I do work in a big office, we do office related things, so how is it that no one has a friggin piece of paper? And now I fear my novel just wont be a prizewinner and all because of that one sentence, my life is a train wreck.

But on a lighter note do you want to know what i dreamed about last night? I was having internet sex, oh yeah, I am soooo cool.

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