I was inspired. Correction, I am inspired...

I have really been enjoying a new blog I found called Puntabulous. Mostly, I love the comic he draws called "The Adventures of Super Viagra and Vagina Girl!" It's great but it's got me thinking, why doesn't Weenit have a comic? I mean, I am just as capable as every other mouse sporting blogging nerd out their to draw some stick figures in paint, add some funny word clouds and give it a name. I could form the characters after my family, and give them really ridiculous super hero names. Hell, some of us already have really ridiculous super hero names. Mine is Capitan Obvious, for obvious reasons. And we like to call Dan cavity man due to a rather unfortunate visit to the dentist office. Damn, I wish we had the paint program here at work.

But I have to wonder if the guy over at Puntabulous has ever actually seen a vagina because that thing looks more like a chunk of raw meat than anything to me.

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