Great timming grandma!

We were watching the third Spiderman movie today, and when it came to the part near the end where Spidey's granny makes a visit to his shabby dig my friend got a little perturbed because apparently, "Grandmothers don't just drop in for a five minute visit, especially when they have to go all the way down town. It's not very believable."

It didn't occur to me till just now how ridiculous it is for her to be so concerned about the realistic nature of Grandma's visit when there is a man who can spin spider webs. Hello, did she not see that part or what?

Anyways, not but twenty minutes later someone buzzes up from the front door, and no joke, but it was my Grandma. She was just dropping by to say hi, stayed no more than five minutes. and yes, she traveled all the way from the boonies to the inner city to see me.

I bet she didn't see that one coming.

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